• María Eugenia Luc. Solo & chamber music (CD, 2022)
  • Portrait Félix Ibarrondo- Barne Hegoak (CD, 2018). Recorded work: Obsidienne
  • Dante G.Grela. Obras para instrumentos y voces (CD, 2018). Recorded work: Cantos del otoño
  • XXVIII Young Composers Prize Fundación SGAE-CNDM (CD, 2017)
  • María Eugenia Luc "De aire y luz" (CD, 2015)
  • Hamar-Music for the Guggenheim Museum (DVD, 2011)
  • Tribute to Luis De Pablo (CD, 2008). Recorded work: Epístola al transeúnte
  • Tribute to Felix Ibarrondo (DVD, 2004)
  • Luis de Pablo: Transit and evolution to the 21st century (DVD, 2000)






María Eugenia Luc "De aire y luz"

CD (2015), Orpheus (OR 5642-8494)

Ensemble Kuraia, Euskadi Symphony Orchestra, Sigma Project

Andrea Cazzaniga (conductor)

 "Air and light" is a music cycle which sums up a life experience of research and creativity that Luc deepened over the past eight years and took her to the practice of Chi Kung and the approach to Zen. This cycle comes from the image of the music transformed into air and light, or in other words into energy. From that image Luc has composed eight works eachone inspired by the eight phases of Chi Kung, practice in which breathing is a fundamental technique for incorporating and mobilize energy. Each work  is conceived as a vital journey of sound and energy. The works have been composed for different instrumental setting  (from the Quartet of saxophones to the Symphony Orchestra), but all share a common origin as well as almost magical sounds and atmospheres.  
Melómano de Oro award 2016 



Luis de Pablo / Transit and evolution to the 21st century 


KURAIA Association, in co-operation with the Fundación Autor (Author Foundation), has produced for its 70th Anniversary in the year 2000, the Documentary Luis de Pablo. Transit and evolution to the 21st century.

This tribute to Luis de Pablo has been possible also thanks to the co-operation of Vizcaya’s Provincial Council, the Basque Government’s Council for Culture, Bilbao’s City Hall, Euskal Telebista (Basque Television, EITB), Guggenheim Museum Bilbao, Centro para la Difusión de la Música contemporánea (Spanish Contemporary Music Diffusion Centre, CDMC), BBK Bank Foundation and Tonos and Suvini Zerboni publishing houses.

KURAIA Ensemble performs two works selected for this video. One of them belongs to Musician de Pablo’s youth production and the other one to his maturity. The composer delivers, through them, a speech about the most outstanding aspects of his musical production and his live.

With this document KURAIA wants to give a general, and at the same time specific, vision of Luis de Pablo’s work, so that it can be interesting for the specialist but simultaneously entertaining and accessible for the general public, taking two of the most outstanding work of this production and, therefore, of the current Spanish music as a reference.

Each part of the documentary finishes with a whole execution and a concert of the selected works.


  • Primera Parte ► POLAR (1962)

Polar is a reference work in Musician De Pablo’s production and Spanish music. It was the first Spanish work premiered in the historical Darmstadt meetings and conducted by Bruno Maderna in that event.

Through practical examples taken directly from the rehearsals innovations will be shown, being this innovations the ones which place this work in the European avant- garde of the seventies.

The composer will talk about his music from this period, his consolidation as music figure between difficulties and success, and the search for a personal and innovative language.

    Second Part     ► KIU FRAGMENTS (for flute and piano)

Andante. Adagio. Final

This is a chamber music work, written in the last few years, where all the main features of his creative maturity are reflected.

In this section the composer talks, with the reason of later times, about his changes, about the development of his musical poetry from the 70’s until today, about his relationship with the new composers generations, about his projects, etc.

The way of introducing the contents will be similar to the first part of the video: an interview that alternates key moments of his work during the rehearsals with the direct co-operation of the composer and the players.

Ensemble KURAIA

CONDUCTOR: Juanjo Mena

INTERVIEW: María Eugenia Luc

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Tribute to Felix Ibarrondo


For the 60th anniversary of Musician Felix Ibarrondo,  KURAIA  pays a tribute to this composer with the production of a documentary about him and his music.

The documentary includes a full performing of Obsidienne, a work written by Ibarrondo especially for this documentary video and dedicated to Ensemble KURAIA. Another work of the musician is also proposed: Ekain, for voice and chamber ensemble.

In this documentary it is shown the work of the composer with the interpreters and an interview that covers aesthetic, musical and personal issues in which Felix Ibarrondo shows how his work takes root with his hometown, his beloved Oñati and its surroundings.

The documentary is an opportunity to know one of the most outstanding European composers that has known how to created a universal language without giving up his Basque roots.

WORKS INCLUDES: EKAIN (for soprano voice and instrumental band), OBSIDIENNE (PREMIERE) (for violin, clarinet, saxophones and piano)  

Ensemble KURAIA

CONDUCTOR: Andrea Cazzaniga

INTERVIEW: María Eugenia Luc


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Hamar-Music for the Guggenheim Museum

Works by Gabriel Erkoreka

Hamar ('ten' in Basque) is a work composed for the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao in commemoration of the tenth anniversary of its inauguration. The Spanish composer Gabriel Erkoreka conceived a musical piece that was performed during the hours of the museum visit: an installation for a chamber ensemble with piccolo, clarinet, trumpet, trombone, percussion, violin and cello.

The work is performed in different rooms simultaneously, with instruments finding each other, so that each visitor has a different musical experience. The composer was proposed to emphasize the relationship between music and other arts: his music is full of movement, as well as the architecture of Frank Gehry, and uses different textures and 'material'. 

PerformanceEnsemble KURAIA, Andrea Cazzaniga (director)

Director: Ángel Luis Ramírez

Musical Producer: James Whitbourn

Executive Producer: Ángela Álvarez Rilla

A Sintonía production in association with Fundación BBVA

Contents in the DVD:

  • Hamar  (34:00)
  • Izaro (11:51)
  • Biribilketa  (6:19)
  • Interviews (22:04)
  • List of artworks appearing in Hamar (2:25)

Lenght: 76 minutes

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Tribute to Luis De Pablo

CD of the 6th Lima International Classical Contemporary Music Festival  dedicated  to composer   Luis De Pablo.

The Cd propose the best performances  realized during the 6th festival edition (2008)   

Ensemble Kuraia participates with a live recording of the work "Epístola al transeunte".

 “Its title is taken, slightly modified, of one of the last poems of César Vallejo. Otherwise, this literary reference does not affect in the musical form, which is autonomous, although its sonorous ambience – with the unexpected voice of the viola d’amore - can evoke the world of the Peruvian poet: delirious, popular, aggressive, loving»... (Luis De Pablo)

Year of recording: 2008


Centro Cultural de España

Grabado por el Instituto Orson Welles de Lima.

Artists: Varios

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