Michael Daugherty: Sinatra Shag

María Eugenia Luc: Eta hostoz hosto
Kuraia is without doubt one of the important groups of our country by its already long history, but above all by the conviction, professionalism and refinement of all  its members. Groups of this level are the future of music, the true music, which is nothing else than the Alchemy of poetry, physical, acoustic, technological and expressive relationships that make the sound a path of discovery of our environment and ourselves, which is a vital first-order stimulus.

About the interpretation of my work “Jenseit...Diesseits” (on this side... on the other side') I can only say that Kuraia and its conductor Andrea Cazzaniga allowed me reconnect with the ultimate purpose which I found when I composed this work: not only know this side, but also the other, and be able to explore it in exciting and sensitive way thanks to its interpretation.

José Manuel López López


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